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bluecoons software development



Based on the TrippleO principle (onsite, offside and offshore) competencies and skills are bundled exactly there where they are required at the right moment. With this approach customers need to provide minimal amount of coordination and is profiting from the generally lower offshore development costs without to follow this model himself. Bluecoons group make sure that all the important interactions can be executed locally at the premises of the customer or bluecoons. Bluecoons is also fully responsible for the offering and negotiations process and therefore the central point of contact for all activities towards the customer.

The offering might vary from a turnkey overall solution in the sense of a fixed price project or to a partial solution or adaptations in the sense of a work order based on time and material. Bluecoons group will be fully responsible for the contractual and commercial clauses of the work order.

The customer has one face and therefore rely on one partner only.

The model intends to specify the requirements together with the customer, to deviate the specifications and finally to initiate the development stage.During the development itself bluecoons ensures the quality assurance with various tests. Bluecoons group will be responsible for the project management, the testing as well as the documentation required. The offshore development partner take over all development responsibly and delivers the results back to bluecoons for validation and checks. The handling and managing of the development partner will be ensured by bluecoons group. After the completion of the integration onsite at the customers’ infrastructure, bluecoons will be able to offer maintenance and support based on a service level agreement (SLA).

We have a broad range of basic and industry based solutions in our portfolio: business process management solutions (BPMS), e-commerce variants (C2C; B2C; B2B), car rental and leasing, jobs and recruitment solutions, tourism and travel and many more.