HRM Services

bluecoonsgroup hr consulting



The main element is to identify and to develop various optimisation measures based on different sources of information. The sources might be employee surveys or our statistical values from the bluecoons company evaluation module. We are going to prepare the basics, the analysis and finally a package of measures for implementation. If required bluecoons group is going to support the implementation stage and will ensure quality assurance of the measures decided.


Nowadays a lot of tools are used within HRM departments. We are going to analyse the workflows and processes as well as the instruments used. Where possible bluecoons group is going to propose actions for a consolidation or replacement strategy to increase the departments efficiency. If the customer would like to evaluate and implement new tools, bluecoons group is going to support the overall project from A to Z. This might be from the evaluation step up to the implementation and training of staff. Our long-term experience in IT will ensure the overall quality assurance.


We are going to support the development of a functional HR strategy based on the guidelines given in the company strategy and objectives. If required by the customer bluecoons group will accompany the implementation. This might be from developing and optimising of strategic disciplines such as recruitment & retention, skill & knowledge management, compensation & benefit up to the implementation of balanced scorecards or other object management systems.


If required our specialists might be booked for assignments onsite at the customers facilities. Tasks might vary from line functions to project management tasks depending on the customers’ needs. Assignments are possible from short-term daily orders up to long-term missions. This enables customers to fill current vacancies or to cover any high peaks with our experts.


The topic burnout is a true fact within organisations and is heavily increasing the operating costs. Prevention becomes a very important element in the overall cost management. Our specialists define in collaboration with the customer various risk scenarios in the context of burnout potentials and will define actions to counteract these risks. If required bluecoons is going to support the implementation of the action plan.