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The framework concerning time to market makes it necessary for organisations to optimize the search for personnel and to concentrate their activities. Our recruitment centre as a Task Force brings relief to HR-Managers while handling open positions. Bluecoons ensures immediate access to the job market and observes future trends and developments (e.g. Availability of specific skills) and forwards them to the customers as a trend report.

All recruiting measures of an enterprise are perceived as communications elements in the market - how they appear, which tonality is used, how advertising is handled etc. The image of the enterprise to potential applicants and the awareness of it as a desired employer are enhanced with it.

Exactly at this point bluecoons ensures, that the appearance is designed exactly the way the customer would have done it. Since the necessary competences of the recruiting specialists differ essentially from that of the personnel managers, bluecoons focuses itself exclusively to the phases Advertising, Pre-selection and depending on your wish also Selection. Handling during negotiation and final phases lie completely on the responsible HR and the line managers on the side of the customer.

Efficient processes with clearly defined interfaces are decisive for successful recruiting. The recruiting process as a part of the collaboration with bluecoons is built on four steps. We primarily support the stages from the preselection up to the selection step until the customer will take over the negotiations stage.

Current experiences show that not only monetary incentives are decisive on the side of the candidates. In particular the call for interview and the "Feel good" factor of the candidate during the whole recruiting process are what that count. The recruitment centre is recognized as the business card of the potential employer due to a focused support from bluecoons at all stages.

The recruitment centre can either be integrated in the customers’ organisation or be operated external in a contractual relationship.