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BLUECOONS.COM is a global recruitment platform that enable to link jobseekers and employers fast and simple. Besides operative recruitment functions the platform support additional strategic recruitment tasks as well as a fully integrated candidate management feature and background screening module.

The platform is currently available in the following languages: German, English, French and Spanish. With this we will reach more than 850 Million of potential candidates globally.

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Today in most organisations once a year all employees are going through a employee qualification process. Experience shows that either employees nor their supervisors are really motivated to plan and perform these qualifications meetings. Whether that is because these meetings are usually planned for December or simply because they are just based on a static review approach that not include changes through the period cannot be assessed. Employees in general think that the evaluation itself reflects the current mood of their supervisor only and is not part of an objective evaluation based on performance related criteria. On the other side managers observe that the objectives from the strategy are not embedded sufficiently in the operative daily business.

The tool EasyTarget Pro is a target agreement system that builds on the overall company strategy and ensures the visualization on the incorporated strategy plan within the operative work of each employee. This enables to monitor and manage the achievement of the targets of the entire company.

EasyTarget Pro is able to follow any CI/CD requirements of the customer and ensures that the instrument will be noticed as a management instrument of the organisation.